Award Winning Home AMILEKA – Energy & Thermal Performance Advice


• Optimise thermal performance
• Meet BASIX regulations
• Thermal modelling for comfort


AMILEKA is an architecturally designed home located in the Byron Bay hinterlands and this stunning home won an Australian Institute of Architects award in the NSW country division in 2008.

The architect owner contacted Partners Energy to seek advice on the thermal performance and energy performance of the home during the design phase. Partners Energy also consulted at various times during the 24 month project. Partners Energy worked directly with the architect and liaised closely to discuss various design features of the home including the building fabric, insulation, glazing, heating, cooling and ventilation. Partners Energy used thermal modelling tools to ensure the home complied with State Government building regulations (BASIX). These tools helped to maximise the thermal performance of the building materials being used while also optimising energy usage within the home.

‘Amileka’ made use of the latest technologies available in energy efficient design and included a hydronic slab heater, a Rotex heat-exchange system for hot water and a grid-connect solar photovoltaic (PV) system.


Partners Energy assisted the architect to make this home very comfortable year-round and utilise the latest in eco-technology. This ensured the home was not only visually stunning but delivered excellent results in comfort, energy conservation and resource efficiency.

The swag of impressive eco-design features also saw this home win the CNBC International Property Award – Best House Australia 2009.

Partners Energy are proud to have been involved with this award winning project. It’s an example of

how a well-researched design can be visually appealing but also deliver fantastic energy outcomes


April 10, 2016