BASIX or Building Sustainability Index, is a planning initiative of the New South Wales Government that requires all new dwellings to be designed and built to achieve a 40% reduction in water consumption and  in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the average  pre BASIX dwelling. BASIX also sets minimum performance levels for the thermal comfort of the dwelling.

This delivers both savings and improved comfort for the home owner and a valuable contribution to the sustainable future of our communities.

A BASIX Certificate identifies the sustainability features required to be incorporated in the building design. These features may include recycled water, rainwater tanks, AAA-rated showerheads and taps, native landscaping, heat pump or solar water heaters, gas space heaters, roof eaves/awnings and wall/ceiling insulation.

A BASIX assessment considers such criteria as location, building orientation, size, building construction type, windows size and type, landscaping, appliances to be used and much more. Importantly, it also considers “thermal comfort” in order to lessen the amount of energy used by dwellings in order to heat or cool the house to a “comfortable” level.

A BASIX Certificate forms part of the documentation needed to submit to council when applying for a Development Application in NSW.
All new development and complying development applications associated with new residential buildings require a BASIX certificate, including:

• Single dwellings
• Dual occupancy dwellings
• Villas
• Townhouses
• Unit & Multi unit developments
• Alterations & additions greater or equal to $50,000
• Swimming pools and/or outdoor spas with a water capacity greater or equal to 40,000 Litres
• Granny Flats
• Boarding Houses, Backpackers and Lodging houses

Partners Energy have completed over 3000 BASIX Certificates and their extensive experience means they can minimise compliance costs while preserving the design concept for your building.



  • Minimum
    Floor plans and elevation drawings showing
    –  lot and house number
    – true Solar North Point on the plan
    – site plan showing the area of the lot
    – orientations
    – internal layout.
  • Desirable to expedite the process:
    – wall constructions,
    – roof  type and colour
    – floor type,
    – skylight locations and sizes,
    – window sizes,
    – window and wall shading.
    – window schedules,
    – section details of walls,
    – floor and roof,
    – landscape area,
    – ventilation.


  • Client  emails  architectural drawings (floor plans and elevations)
  • A fee proposal will be provided within 24 hours
  • Written approval to proceed (email is sufficient) and target date for completion is provided by client
  • Discussion with clients on recommendations
  • A BASIX Certificate is generated. Plans are stamped with  ABSA and Universal Certificate stamps and all commitments marked on the plans.
  • Invoice will be sent .



  • Submit your development application or complying development application with the BASIX certificate attached. If you make any changes to your project, you must obtain a new  BASIX assessment and have a new  certificate printed and re-lodge it at council. (Charges may apply)

Assessing your application

  • Council will then assess your application, and if approved, it must be built according to the BASIX commitments.
  • The construction process will be inspected by a certifying authority.

Construction certificate

  • You will need a construction certificate before the build begins.
  • Attach the BASIX certificate to the application for a construction certificate and ensure all BASIX commitments are shown on the plans.

Occupation certificate

  • Attach the BASIX certificate to the application for an occupation certificate.
  • The certifying authority will only issue a final occupation certificate when satisfied that the project has been built as described on the BASIX certificate.

Completion receipt

  • Following the final inspection and prior to issuing a final occupation certificate, the certifying authority is required to issue a BASIX completion receipt.


  • Fast turnaround times
  • Professional, efficient and  reliable service
  • The best  possible and most cost effective solutions
  • Personal contact with unlimited phone support for questions or clarification and site visits where needed.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Experts with 20 years  experience


Partners Energy aims to ensure your building satisfies council requirements and meets the minimum performance standards with the most economical components and materials. This will assessed  in relation to their thermal performance in your location in your specific design. We are able to use our experience and knowledge to recommend design changes to ensure the comfort and energy efficiency of your home and fully support the process.